• 13th February 2017 Monnalisa Winter 2017 Collection

    Trudy Churchill

    Posted on February 16 2017

    13th February 2017 Monnalisa Winter 2017 Collection

    Today at the big smoke again and this time with my all time favourite Monnalisa! We are always so excited for Monnalisa to see what characters they will be introducing for the next season! Last Winter's Alice in Wonderland was a massive hit and complete sell out! This winter will be the same with the gorgeous Snow White Princess! A stunning Bebe Snow White range with delicate lace and gorgeously cute designs! The Snow White Bebe blanket is a right steal retailing at only £62.99. From Bimba we are completely in LOVE and AWE of it ALL! From the bashful sweater dress and cute Snow White top and embroidered jeans to the pink waterproof ugg style bow boots All little girls are going to LOVE this collection big time! I suggest we all eat beans on toast for the next few months to save for pre-orders! Eeeeekkk! 


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